About Us

About Our Product

  • Design suits most roof angles – no need to try and figure it out
  • Tools free – secure in place in minutes, with strong industrial double sided tabs.
  • Tabs already fitted to NestStop™ – just peel off back and fit.

(Screws also supplied in case it is not possible to get a suitable surface for glue tabs)

  • Made from clear PET-G sheet (Plastic) to avoid colour issues.

How does it work?

NestStop™ instantly creates a smooth surface on the wall which birds can’t get a grip on or get mud to stick to.







1. Place NestStop™ against wall
2. Locate A & B against soffit and secure with glue tabs
3. Center C – equal overlap on each side – and secure with glue tabs







Never remove a nest when birds are in residence – best time is winter months or any time before the problem arises. It is actually illegal to remove a nest while in use.