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The onset of Spring brings with it the frustrating situation of birds building nests in the eaves of your house. For most people, this time of the year can be deeply satisfying but the annual problem of how to stop birds nesting can be very irritating. For a start the noise levels rise substantially, bird excrement can be both harmful and unsightly and damage can be caused to your paintwork. It would be easy to suggest that the quickest way to stop birds nesting would be to simply knock the nests down, but unfortunately laws are in place to prevent us doing this. The only answer is to make plans to stop them from building nests in the first place. The most common culprit are House Martins.

These birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. This makes it illegal to maim, kill or injure a fully grown bird, and/or to steal or damage the eggs or nest of the species whilst the nest is in the process of being built or being used by the species. The penalties for any of the above offences are quite harsh with the Act allowing for a fine of up to £5000 for each offence. In your pursuit to stop birds nesting you could also be looking at a jailable offence for more severe cases.

Repairs to stop birds nesting

You will need to carry out essential repairs or maintenance work to your house in the months when these birds are not in residence if such work would interfere with the nests in any way. Usually, later on in the year such as September or October the nests would be empty and consequently they can then be removed without any fear of reprisal.

Banishing House Martins

The House Martin is a small bird which derives from the swallow family. They are great birds to watch if you have a keen interest in ornithology as they have particularly graceful flight patterns and come alive when darting around the air in flocks. As is usually the case, the pleasure they give us on the one hand is taken away when they start to encroach on our properties with their nests.

It is during the months of February to April when house martins are looking to find new nesting sites, and rather than build these outdoors, their preferred location is in the eaves of our houses. Once they start taking up residence you are going to be faced with annoying noise both day and night and a view of bird faeces all down the front of your house. If you have not already managed to stop birds nesting then the following tips will give you a few ideas on what to do next:

Stop birds nesting tips

Find the nest

Thoroughly check all the usual places in your house giving particular attention to the roof and eaves until you locate all the nests. You should then check to see if the nest is currently in use. Don’t forget that law despite how frustrating it is! If the nest is empty and there is no sign of any birds or eggs you can quite justifiably go ahead and remove the debris. If, however, there are signs that the nest is currently inhabited, or indeed if there are eggs present, you are not going to be able to do anything about it until the birds leave. We can’t stress enough that it is against the law to cause any harm to these birds whatsoever.

Build barriers

House martins are known for returning to nests they have previously built and will remember the exact location of these nests, so it is important to make plans to ensure that once you have removed the old nest, they find it difficult to come back. If they cannot find the old nest they are likely to want to rebuild in the same area. If you can find a way to prevent them fixing their materials to the wall you are much more likely to stop birds nesting permanently. Draping the area with a form of mesh netting has proved to be successful as it prevents the house martins from attaching mud to the wall onto which they attach the nest materials. The only problem here is the unsightly effect this has on the house. You can acquire a much more effective alternative from Stop Birds Nesting which does exactly the same thing in a much more discreet manner.

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is another effective deterrent to house martins as once it is wrapped around the area you wish to keep clear it reflects the sun which has the effect of scaring the birds.

Spike strips

This simple but effective piece of equipment is similar in appearance to spike strips that you see on the road to halt fast moving car, though on a much smaller basis. They are simply attached to your window sills or anywhere else the birds are likely to land which prevents the birds from getting a grip and consequently distracts them.

Bird repellents

Chemical repellents are fine if you do not mind using this sort of product around your house. You simply spray this repellent in the likely areas of invasion on a regular basis. Although commercial sprays are effective, they can be quite expensive, and a home- made spray using crushed peppers, vinegar and water can also do the trick.

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